Sooo.. just set this up today, not quite sure why but I suppose any procrastination is good procrastination. Well I suppose I better introduce myself. My name’s Sorcha and the reason I spell it on this as ‘surrkaa’ is simply because the original spelling has already been nabbed by somebody else (shame on them). I’m 20 years old and am a third year vet med student in UCD. College was good at the start but the last few weeks have been utterly shite with no time for anything, especially not fun. I suppose that’s what has brought me here, talking to myself on a digital screen. Wow. It’s pretty sad when you see it like that isn’t it.

I’ve never blogged before, and I haven’t really read anyone else’s blogs either so I don’t know how I expect anything to come of this but hey, if it puts off staring at 200 slide lectures on pus and rotting tissue, it will do. I presume I’m allowed put bold words on here like fuck and balls and shit. Yeah, I definitely am. I’m gonna think of this as a kind of diary of some sort but not a gay pink pony one you had as a kid, more of a superhero’s kind of one where really impressive and exciting stuff happens every day. Well, not really. Fuck. I don’t know the point of this at all. Anyway… any craic with you?

Had an exam today. It went shit. I knew it was gonna go shit though so I guess that’s okay.

Last night I went mad on Amazon. I’d never bought anything interesting on Amazon before. The only thing i’d ever bought was a pair of Lesbian biker boots that I thought looked cool when I was 14 but when I got them and wore them a few places, my friends unfortunately told me they were definitely not cool and made me look like a premature dyke. Yeah, so I have them at home if anyone wants em. Anyway, about last night, yeah, I went nuts. I had it in my head since last year that I was going to dress up as Dr Zoidberg from Futurama for Hallowe’en. I was too late to order stuff on Amazon last year though but THIS YEEEARrrr … Awh my god it’s gonna be class. Have you ever heard of Japanese Tabi socks? Look them up. They are fucking fantastic. The Japanese are geniuses. Well, I bought a red pair of them for my feet, a red pair of Marigold gloves for the mouth part (cus they don’t sell red ones anywhere only stupid yellow), red face paint, a red latex swim cap, blue scrubs and a phone cover (cus I needed one, costume attire aside). I actually can’t wait til they come. Mind you, I don’t have a party to go to on Hallowe’en as of yet but if worse comes to worst, I’ll just bang on up as a tall teenage trick or treater haha.

I hope this suffices for a blog entry, if not please feel free to comment and I probably won’t get back to you. Ciao!